Gold Shells Sandal Flip Flops

Gold Shells Sandal Flip Flops

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Say hello to your new (and last) favorite flip flop, or sandal, thong, flippers, slides, slippers – whatever you call them -

Casual. Comfortable. Everyday. They’re Tidewaters. 

Each Tidewater collection features our ComfortWave technology, a comfort-density design that molds to your foot and has flexible arch contouring for extra balance and all-day wearability. The fact is they are cute and can be worn with just about anything.

Brushed EVA footbed. Molded footbed. Flexible arch support. Durable TPR outsole. All day comfort. Light weight.

• Perfect for anyone with flat feet or high arches. 

• Flexible, contoured arch support for added balance and soft cushioning for all-day walking adventures. 

• Brushed sock for the sole of your feet because it needs love, too (not mention that it’s kind of an important part of your foot). 

• Extra support in the toe and heel for stability • Premium EVA footbed materials.